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Outdoor Marquee Lights 20m White Filament 2W

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20m Beautiful vintage outdoor indoor globe string lights for the perfect ambience


Marquee String Party Light 

Light up your party with Pinterest perfect globes


Weddings, birthdays, New Year's Eve, garden parties, or outdoor home cinemas.. they all need a little something, a little sparkle. These gorgeous outdoor string lights give a glimmer, a perfectly lit ambience to any scene.

These heavy duty festoon lights outshine the original Christmas fairy lights by size, brightness and durability. It can be used outdoors even if it is raining!

With this set of globe string lights, you get that popular retro/vintage vibe that will set your ambience to perfection. These include a 20m heavy duty cable with 20 sockets spaced 0.9m apart and 25 clear bulbs.

Completely Australian Standard Approved and Certified with Australian Plug for an easy connection to a normal power point or extension cord. Plugs directly into a normal power socket, no transformer required. 

Our all weather, commercial grade string lights will transform your outdoor space into something truly amazing. 


Each socket is created from high-quality Polyurethane (PUR) which has a soft touch and a slightly flexible texture that makes it long lasting and durable because it never cracks, unlike cheaper versions that are made from hard plastic.


A string of 25 Light globes on 20m White String Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Quick DIY set up, each socket has a loop on each fitting for easy decorating.

Each Socket has a rubber seal for all weather use, including rain!


The Vibe You Need

LED Filament light bulb series comes out with new technology called LED Filament that is composed of a series of LEDs on Filament to make it more energy saving, longer lifetime and brighter compared to CFL, incandescent light bulbs or tungsten filament lamps

You may think that 2W globes sound too dull to give enough light to your event, but having a whole chain of globes on one string, envelopes the surroundings in warm, glowing light that gives the perfect atmosphere every event needs.

That's why we have chosen the 2W filament bulb because it creates an unmatchable atmosphere that you just can't get with average party lights. We love them and we are more than confident you will too! 


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  • 20 Globe White String Marquee Lights 

  • Life Span (in hours) : 30,000

  • Electricity Cost: $0.0005

  • Cable Material: PVC

  • Socket Material: PUR 


  • 20 Sockets

  • Pack Includes: 20 bulbs plus 5 extra bulbs

  • Plugs directly into a normal power socket, no transformer required.

  • Weatherproof IP44 

  • Suitable for Outdoors

  • Can be Used in the Rain

  • Durable, Weather Proof and Hardwearing

  • High Quality - Doesn't Crack

  • Our Products are Checked and Certified to Australian Standards

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