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Globe lighting is currently so diverse, having been created from elements of so many era’s it has different styles and tastes. It is a perfect balance of symmetry, one that can easily melt into the background of any room or take over the room if need be.

The vintage bulb treads the line of tradition and antique, which adds timeless elegance to any living space. They are many light bulb options to choose from, starting with the latest bright led light bulbs to the smooth fluorescent light bulbs, all of which are energy-saving, Maine & Crawford has the ideal light bulbs for you.

The globe lighting provided, casts a sophisticated illumination and a smooth aura across any room as the various light bulb types, which can suit any needs required from the led lamp that can provide general lighting or the led bulb that can be used to provide lighted wallpaper behind pieces of art and ornaments. As if all that is not enough, the range of light bulb products goes a step further to provide marquee lights, that can be used to decorated any event or space to make a dramatic impact on the ambience, these are custom made to suit your unique led bulb needs.