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10 Marquee replacement bulbs to fit your beautiful vintage outdoor indoor globe string lights for the perfect ambience
25w brighter and softly diffused light from our new pearl white bulb finish. This pack of 10 globes are just the thing to get your marquee lights looking fine and ready for any party. The heavy duty festoon lights that fit these bulbs outshine the original Christmas fairy lights by size, brightness and durability. Originally designed for festoon lighting and decorative purposes, it can also be used as a low energy using the bulb for small decorative light use. Don't be taken in by a cheap price tag of other sellers, because as they say "you only get what you pay for". The Vibe You Need During the creation and design phase of our beautiful festoon lights, our inspiration was sparked by the dazzling Italian piazza lights. We have tried and tested many bulbs to find the perfect balance of light and mellow glow. You may think that 25W globes sound too dull to give enough light to your event, but having a whole chain of globes on one string, envelopes the surroundings in a warm glowing light that gives the perfect atmosphere every event needs. That's why we have chosen the 25W in this cute round shape globe because it creates an unmatchable atmosphere that you just can't get with average party lights. We love them and we are more than confident you will too! FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: 10 Marquee Light Replacement Globes Bulb: Vintage Clear 25W/240V Edison Screw E27 (standard screw-in bulb) Bulb Shape: G45 Glass Type: Clear Suitable for Outdoors
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